It all started with Ahasuerus Fromanteel, a clockmaker from the 17th century who owned a modest workshop on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Back in 1660, Fromanteel began to manufacture a series of revolutionary clocks, all equipped with the advanced pendulum mechanism. This clock was known as the most accurate clock at that time. The pendulum enabled the Fromanteel clocks to measure ‘seconds’, which was quite unique in a world dominated by ‘minutes’ only. The clocks were sold as if they were iPads and because of this huge success, Fromanteel expanded his operations and opened a second workshop in London; and not much later one in Newcastle. Instantly creating the world’s first multinational clockmakers firm. That is what inspired us to do what we do today.

Now, the name Fromanteel lives on as a brand of fine crafted watches. Our timepieces apply the mastery technique of the Fromanteel to today’s modern age. A Fromanteel watch is a contemporary designed timepiece, with an eye for the smallest detail and the highest level of quality.

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