With nearly thirty years in the industry, Bexel have been established as specialists within the field of manufacturing high quality and proficient batteries. They source premium materials producing a full range of batteries and battery pack solutions, these include variations such as Alkaline batteries, Manganese batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, Lio-lon batteries, Ni-MH batteries, industrial battery packs and Military battery packs. Developing environment -friendly mercury/cadmium free batteries, Bexel focus on the security of their consumers, ensuring all products are safe for use.


Having a long and successful reputation for the development of premium batteries, Bexel are a domestic company within their industry, recognised worldwide as a technological advancement. They have acquired the green management system (GMS) certification, Defence Management system certification and ISO 9001/14001 certification, and are sole suppliers for major outlets such as Samsung and LG. Bexel continue to expand focusing on environmental issues and supplying safe and highly efficient battery solutions across the world.

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