Founded in 2003, Brinno are the pioneers of time lapse recording solutions. As one of the leading companies developing a range of devices with time lapse capabilities, Brinno is recognised worldwide as a professional design powerhouse. The products range includes a selection of construction camera kits, front door security cameras, and HDR time lapse cameras. Focusing on time lapse advancements, Brinno have been established as one of the core players in the industry responsible for developing hardware and software solutions and putting them into one capable device, they focus on transforming over complicated time-lapse photo taking and recording, into a more seamless and user-friendly experience.


Living up to their reputation as one of the top suppliers in time lapse cameras. Brinno have been successful in providing versatile recording solutions, for both business and leisure. Atrin have partnered up with Brinno, and are responsible for distributing the range of cameras they have available worldwide. If you would like to learn more about the products and their features, please contact us.

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